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Yeast Inspection:

Belgian Tripel (or Trippel): The Belgian Tripel style was originally brewed by Trappist monks at the Westmalle brewery. Examples of this style are golden in color and pack a high ABV, usually from 7.5 to 9.5 percent. Known ... Read Article >

Understanding Beer Fests

For many of you, the universe of beer spans about 20 feet and is contained within your local grocery store.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing I guess but given the simple fact that there are nearly ... Read Article >

Local Spotlight:

Lucky Bucket Pre-Prohibition Lager Appearance: 3/3Pours a very attractive golden copper color, and is brilliantly clear. Large creamy white head has a rocky and frothy-like texture. Good dense lacing is left clinging to the glass. ... Read Article >

Five Places to get Bombed - Sake Bombed!

The simple yet effective combination of dropping a shot of sake into an imported Japanese beer creates a wonderful shooter known as a sake bomb. While many restaurants, bars and nightclubs in the Metro now serve this delicious and rapid ... Read Article >

Bar Chat:

LIV Lounge, located at 2279 S. 67th St. in Aksarben Village, is Omaha’s new “classic cocktails” lounge. I sat down recently with proprietor Sam Hohman to find out what LIV Lounge is all about. Read highlights ... Read Article >

Libation Conversation:

Classic cocktails have become classic for a very compelling reason. When made properly, they’re delicious. However, the average cocktail consumer is subjected to a broad continuum of “interpretations” of these classics, many of which fail to ... Read Article >

Is Bigger Better?

We are Americans. We like big things—big cars, big houses, big food portions, big shopping malls with big stores in big cities with big skyscrapers. The world of wine is no exception.Western Europe had at least a ... Read Article >

Gruner Veltliner has Arrived...

Summer grilling and a garden salad is great with a cold Coors “Banquet Beer” but is transcendent with Berger Grüner Veltliner. Listen up: Grüner Veltliner has hit mainstream and for several years has been ... Read Article >

Wines from Abroad:

It wasn’t until the 1970s that winemakers in New Zealand paid serious attention to viniculture and the art of making quality wines. But by the 1980s, New Zealand wines gained world prominence. The vineyards from the Marlborough region ... Read Article >

Food & Wine Pairings and the WineToMatch for the iPhone

After five months of work, WineToMatch, my iPhone App for food and wine pairing, is finally out and available at the iTunes Store for $2.99. For anyone who may have asked themselves what wine to drink with what food, ... Read Article >

The live mold that makes bleu cheese blue is brevibacterium livens, the same bacteria that makes your feet stink, which should come as no surprise.”

Michael Campbell “The Dumpster:

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