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Food Service Warrior:

When I sit back and reflect upon my life in the restaurant world I often wonder if I made the right choices. Maybe I should have gone to college or pursued my love for extreme sports. I think about what ... Read Article >

Restaurant Technology Trends and the Customer

As this year’s figures continue to come in from restaurants during 2009, we will continue to see a year of contraction in total restaurant industry sales. Nevertheless, we as consumers will continue to eat out and rely on ... Read Article >

Industry Recycling

In this age of green it is not easy to practice what is being preached, or at least on the surface it isn’t. Each green step we take requires change, time and funding. Of course, disposing garbage via ... Read Article >

Omaha Standard:

Fried coconut chicken salad - coconut coated chicken, artichoke hearts, avocado, swiss, tomato, red onions, croutons and almonds with field greens, creamy herb mustard dressing and raspberry sauce$11.25Jam’s has given Omaha more gifts than can be aptly ... Read Article >

20 Questions with Chef Alfred Hiltbrunner

This Interview is with Chef Alfred Hiltbrunner, retired Executive Chef of more than 35 years at Le Café de Paris in Omaha, Nebraska. The restaurant decided to shut its doors following the departure of Chef Hiltbrunner. The interview was ... Read Article >

The Great Corn Debate

If you've ever read anything by Michael Pollan, you might exhibit a certain nervousness when talking about corn. (Thou shalt try to eat no corn?) But let’s just come out and admit it: as you strolled through ... Read Article >

Smoking-Hot Summer Tobacco Legislation

Unbeknownst to many local tobacco lovers, two new tobacco laws have come from the Nebraska Legislature this summer. One of them, LB 355, affects the statewide smoking ban. Introduced by Senator Scott Lautenbaugh and passed by a 27-22 vote ... Read Article >

Food Service Warrior

How many people go to the bar because they know they are going to be over-poured on the drinks they buy? From the people I have talked to, it’s not very many. Most people like to know ... Read Article >

Metro Culinary Competition 2009

The timer starts as the students hustle around to get all of their supplies out. Banging and clanging can be heard all around as the pots, pans, dishes, and utensils are being drug out from their moving containers. Then it ... Read Article >

A Day in The Life of a US Foodservice Territory Manager and The Chef

We all know when we walk into a restaurant that we will get seated at a table, be given a menu, select what we want to eat and ultimately pay our dining bill. However, many of us do not realize ... Read Article >

When pressed to list my favorite Omaha restaurant experiences, my mind still drifts back to the fried chicken at Dixie Kitchen, Rose Lodge and Cliff’s."”

Bill MacKenzie “Omaha Dining

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