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The Ethos of Cooking

Often when we cook, we think only of ingredients, number of diners, seasonality, or cost, but rarely do we consider the attitude we have to muster in order to pull certain kinds of dishes off.  One may say, “... Read Article >

Buying Fresh and Local

I went to a documentary recently called “Food Fight.” It’s a film about the U.S. food market and how we Americans have moved away from eating fresh and local produce. The film appealed to me ... Read Article >

The Worth of a Recipe

A recipe is defined as a set of directions accompanied by a list of ingredients that describe how to prepare something.Great cooks consider themselves great because they have a deep repertoire of recipes they have either created or mastered. ... Read Article >

A Verbal Herbal

Whether you pronounce “herbs” with a silent H like normal people or make a point of pronouncing it like Martha Stewart, herbs are one of the good things cooks everywhere agree are indispensable. In a way, they are ... Read Article >


Organic, local, biodynamic, ethical, free range, natural, grassfed, and GMO free. Confused? You should be. With so many food buzzwords, so many talking heads in the media using them, and a new “Super Cure Everything Diet” coming out ... Read Article >

Point and Eat:

Many readers of this magazine are new to Omaha and looking for a little culinary fun. Maybe you are a recent transplant or are here on business. Or maybe you’re doing the family thing, visiting Aunt Bessie and ... Read Article >

Lobster for the Land-Locked

It can be fairly stated that the lobster has endured many injustices in its culinary history. Originally used as fertilizer by the Native Americans, lobster was first fed en masse to indentured servants against their will in colonial New England. ... Read Article >

Carolina on my Mind

Second Empire is truly one of North Carolina's finest dining experiences. The restaurants setting takes place in an beautiful old Southern Mansion that was most likely built around the turn of the 20th century.The wood floors, chandeliers, and ... Read Article >

The Dumpster:

Recipes used to be simpler:    1. Hit pigeon with rock;    2. Pull off feathers;    3. Hold over fire until inside temperature reaches . . . ow!Our ancestors learned the feather trick after some ... Read Article >

The Art of Baking Casually

I am an eater who loves to cook, not vice versa. But it’s time to ’fess up. I am a lousy baker. You want a rack of ribs? Fresh ravioli with gremolata? A béchamel sauce? ... Read Article >

Gruner's dry and electrifying profile is packed with citrusy acidity and flavors of Granny Smith apples, white peach and freshly cracked white pepper.”

Jesse Becker “Gruner Veltliner has Arrived...

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