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Our Current Issue

Front Cover:
Charles Schlussel’s recipe for
Thai coconut seafood soup

Features Include:
- Pizza Pie Guys
- Craving Sushi?
- An Interview with Terry Alexander
- Globally First
- One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer
- I Amphoreal
- The Formal Wine Tasting

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Hockenbergs: In the Know 0

“Everybody knows Hockenbergs.” This is the sort of comment one hears in Omaha when dropping the name of this restaurant design/supply company around anyone in a business that has a kitchen. A certain familiarity stands to reason; Hockenbergs has been

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7 Desserts We Love

At Food & Spirits Magazine, we believe dessert rules the culinary roost; the delicious curtain call at the end of

Sustain-Table Fare: How technology is bringing Omaha and our oceans closer together

The dynamics of our food consumption are changing faster than ever.  Economic, environmental, technological and social factors contribute to what

The Supper Club: Dundee Progressive Dinner

Publisher’s Note: Omega Omega Omega (Tri Omega), the culinary fraternity at the Institute for the Culinary Arts at Metropolitan Community

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Tasting Pals

Everyone loves a wine tasting. After all, what’s not to like when it comes to sipping vino with your friends.

7 Desserts We Love

At Food & Spirits Magazine, we believe dessert rules the culinary roost; the delicious curtain call at the end of

Viva La Tomato!

I’m sure many of you are like me in my anticipation of the first signs of spring; the chirping of

Omaha’s Largest Pizza Review #6

Food & Spirits Magazine recently hosted Omaha’s 6th Annual Pizza Review at The Waiting Room. As it has been for

Noah’s Ark was a Sandwich: Eating on the Road with Omaha’s Noah’s Ark was a Spaceship

Editor’s Note: Omaha has developed a reputation as a ‘music town’ around the nation so we figured a good way

The Dumpster: You Are What You Eat

Some say you are what you eat. That’s fine, I get it: if you eat carrots, you feel good. If


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Omaha’s Whole Brain Restaurants: M’s Pub & Vivace

“Whenever anyone, but especially someone from out of town wants a dinner recommendation, I send them to M’s Pub because

Bartending (or Babysitting) After Midnight: What Your Bartender Wants You to Know

It’s Friday night; you and your friends have already had your delicious dinner. Your server was fantastic and you tipped

Making Connections: Cutchall Management

The gestalt theory of history says that one cannot consider the development of any particular piece of the modern world


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Support Your Local USBG Chapter

For the past year, I have been working with many of my beloved industry comrades to establish the Omaha-Lincoln chapter

The Story of Tito’s Vodka

Hi. I’m Tito Beveridge and I’m the founder and owner of Tito’s Handmade Vodka. I’m from San Antonio, Texas. I

The Craft of the Bar

Cocktails have always been big. Maybe not as big as beer or wine, but bartenders have never been short of


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One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer: The Gateway

Welcome to my new George Thorogood-inspired column, where instead of drinking alone/by ourselves, we will discuss various issues facing consumers

Letter From the Publisher: Issue 17

Welcome to the latest issue of Food & Spirits Magazine. This issue of FSM is the ‘Cocktail Issue’, and as

Beer Chat: Great Beer Fests

One of the best ways to throw yourself headfirst into the ever growing craft beer scene is to attend a